Aerial Video

Nearly every industry is taking advantage of the versatility, low cost and speedy production of drone aerial video.

The possibilities are literally endless as the drone flights can take off and move at every angle possible producing high definition video for your business, real estate or event.

Our drones are equipped with a Full HD professional grade digital Video
camera. The ability to move into hard to reach places and record video has caught the attention of industries which use footage for insurance, inspection and construction.

Architecture & Building

Present visually strong aerial photos for your project.
Get a clear overview of how your project is situated in the surrounding environment.


Overview images of your event would make a nice addition to your promotion. Unique and eye-catching footage is priceless for promotion and marketing campaigns. Thrill an audience with live streaming on a big screen.


Skycan delivers images that can help you see the real damage like never before.
You’ll get a better estimate with drone images, our drones can locate damages in difficult to reach places.