Mapping Drone

RTK Detachable Twin Motor Fixed-Wing drone Flight Distance80Km and 240Mins Duration for Mapping and Surveillance


1. Detachable  body.

2. Portable and suit for rough handling in the wild.

3. It’s really safe,reliable and durable.Really cost-effective for consumers.

4. Reasonable located the parachute,camera,flying controller and data transmitter.
5. RTK :3systems,Dual frequency,1cm accuracy,special design for Pixhawk
Materials:SLF;high temperature resistance fibre
Length: 960mm
Flight Control:PIXHAWK Flight Control
Wing area: 53dm2
Take off: Throw Go/Catapult
Flight Altitude:6000m
Flight Speed:50-80km/h
Flight Duration:150mins-240mins
Flight Distance:80Km
Wind Proof:6 level
Landing:Parachute or downhill race
Camera:Sony NEX-5N Resolution 4912*3264  HD1080p
Motor:1814kv840*2  Brushless  Motor
GPS Module:M8N GPS
ESC: 40A*2
Propeller:  12*9   folding
Battery: 2200mah 6S Li-Po /16000mah 4S Li-Po



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