Spray Drone

These drone have too many specifications to add in here –

Just get in touch with us info@skycan.be and we can work out what suits you best.

This drone is designed for spraying crops and comes with various load lifting capacities.

Ideal for forward think farmers and farming contractors alike.


Autonomous Aerial Spraying Drone,Carbon Fiber Frame,10-15Kg payload



Maximum take-off height above sea level:4500m

Max. cruising speed (No load):9-12m/s

Max Take Off Weight:30KG

Max. cruising speed (Full load):10m/s

Voyage Distance (without ground station):1~2km

Flying height:0.5-4m Above Crop (or Trees) during field operation

Environment  Temperature  :-20℃~50℃

Max.Flight Altitude:2000m

Spraying Efficency:1~3 acre/minute

Hover Accuracy :Horizontal ±1.5m, Vertical  ±0.5m

Hover Features:

Arbitrary position direction air hover,Flying in any direction,To be reversed to fly Emergency brake

Carbon Fiber Frame: 2kg
High Efficiency  Disc  Motor:
Motor-110kv,80A Brushless
Propeller:30 Inch Plant Protection Carbon Fiber Propeller
ESC: Hobbywing ESC: 80A
Flight Control:DJI Professional Stable Flight Control System
The Main Battery:Battery-CP:
High Performance Lithium Polymer Battery
22.4V/22000mAH 6S1P
The Supporting Battry:
Lithium Polymer Battery
11.1V/2200mAh 3S1P
Remote Control:WFLY: 2.4G, 9 channel
Ground monitoring system:
Integrated Ground Surveillance System: 5.8G image transmission receiving system, support designed conected with the remote controller.
Monitoring Camera:HD-CP Camerea: For monitoring: 700P HD
Spraying task system:Dispersion Spray System and Booster Pump

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