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Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue Drones are beginning to prove their worth when supporting Police and dog tracking teams. Passing on vital information in real time, tracking teams can coordinate their mission with the extra help of drone support.

The ability to move into hard to reach places that might not otherwise be accessible by helicopter or plane makes the drone a unique tool on a mission.

Our network of drones cover all of Belgium which means a drone operator can be onsite in record time.

We can create our flight plan onsite and be ready to support the team within  within minutes.

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Fast Flight Planning

We use IDRONECT as a helping hand to make drone flying as safe as possible. We don’t need to waste hours filling out approval forms and flight requests, we can just focus on the flying, IDRONECT takes care of the rest.

Countrywide Network

Because we have a Network of Drone Operators equipped and ready for missions, Salvator can be at any destination in Belgium in record time.

Thermal Cameras

Possibly one of the most useful tools in aerial search and rescue; the thermal camera see’s all. Imagine the possibilities. Thermal imaging in heard to reach places can give you vital information without putting your team in danger. You can increase your search time into the evening and night and still not loose visibility.

The Salvator Project

At Skycan, we pride ourselves with having great vision of the future uses of drone technology.  The ‘Salvator’ project is designed to be ‘the’ most efficient and cost effective search & rescue solution in the country. Crucial to this objective is a speedy set up and a drone operator nearby.

We have created a system and a network to offer what we believe will be a major asset to any search & rescue mission and in time we believe ‘Salvator’ will stand along side a police search and dog tracking in every major search effort.

If you would like to know more or join our network please get in touch.